Growing in East Hamilton

Month: May 2015

Sod Removal at the Pipeline Trail Pollinator Garden

At the “test dig” last week, the hard-packed clay proved too much for hand tools and mere mortals. Had the soil been less dry the three of us would probably have made some progress. But we can’t count on rain, so we’re going to cave and get a rototiller. And a volunteer with a strong back. The tilling job will be simply a matter of following the outlines laid out in baking flour. We have a volunteer (thanks Matt) for early next week but if you, or someone you know, is available this Friday May 29, please contact Bev ( assp. I’d like Jen to be there and we need to work around her busy schedule.

A beautiful day for a plant sale

A huge “thank you” goes out to all who supported the plant sale/swap yesterday– whether you donated plants or attended, or both. There were not more than a few moments of “down time” for the entire 3 hours. Thanks especially to Elizabeth Seidl and Tamara Messersmith who stayed to the very end and helped with cleanup and takedown. Amy Lou Taylor and her wealth of plant knowledge were a welcome addition to the sales team.

Our net proceeds from the event: $225.25. That’s the benchmark for next year, assuming we’ll be doing it again. There’s no bank account or executive committee (yet?) so I’ll just hold on to the cash and keep everyone informed if there is need or opportunity to spend it.

I would like to do the sale/swap again– if the weather cooperates next year we’ll have larger seedlings to offer and, as our gardens develop, better-sized divisions. I was impressed with the huge range of heirloom tomatoes. And thanks to everyone for labeling and potting everything so nicely. I found it interesting that we had no hostas. Zero. And only one daylily. Most community plant sales are rife with these– so we may just have started a “niche” for the neighbourhood plant sale with the coolest stuff!

Please respond with comments or suggestions on the format and ways we could improve the sale. Perhaps a bigger venue next year… Think about what you’d like to do (as a group!) with the money. Something that benefits the neighbourhood, garden related.

Now, some news and upcoming events, in chronological order.

Sod removal — this Thursday (May 21) afternoon, 2 pm, at the garden site on the Pipeline Trail (between Edgemont and Park Row). We are looking for volunteers to do a “test cut” on the sod. We are removing sod by hand and the idea is to do the east side border, roughly 3.5 ft x 35 ft, With a sense of how long the rest of the garden will take we can schedule subsequent work bees and be ready for planting day on June 6. So wear your shovel-stompin’ boots, bring gloves, flat spades, trowels, and the usual sunny-weather gear. Many hands make light work. No need to RSVP, just show up ready to cut sod.

If you didn’t attend the Pipeline Trail Master Trail public consultation meeting last week (at the Perkins) you can still provide comments and feedback by email. Details here:
master plan info on City of Hamilton web site . Send comments directly to Leila Todd: Please send your comments asap.

Planting Day on the Pipeline Trail Pollinator Garden is Saturday June 6, from 9 to noon-ish. Mark your calendars! Be there ready to plant. If you don’t know how to plant, volunteers will be happy to teach you. And there is plenty to do for people who are trowel-averse. Check out the garden info on our web site:

Next Garden Club meeting… There is a doodle poll for setting the best date for the most people. Email me for the link:

All for now– gotta go plant carrots!


Pollinator Garden Update

A draft of the garden design for the Pipeline Trail is now ready.

The plant list is here (view/download excel file

The above graphic Links to the planting plant details as a pdf on google drive

I did the model in Sketchup Pro– here is an animation:
garden design animation
on google drive.

with a few glitches but you can see where it’s heading. The weird plant-like “things” are placeholders for shrubs and plants. Using realistic models eats up a ton of computer resources and makes the file too big to actually work on.

– Bev Wagar

Pipeline Trail Cleanup- May 1, 2015

The Crown Point Garden Club is the Adopt-a-Park group for the Pipeline Trail. Last evening, while most of the neighbourhood (and half of Hamilton!) was noshing on street eats at “Sew Hungry, nine volunteers hauled nine bags of garbage off the trail (and Kenilworth too) in preparation for the Jane’s Walks this weekend. What a great turnout! Our only reward: vino and snacks– sitting down– at Limoncello.

Huge thanks go to Fran for coordinating with the City and to everyone who works hard for this neighbourhood.