This year’s bulbs include several favourites from last year along with a new botanical tulip “Bright Gem” and two super-early species: Eranthus (Winter Aconite) and Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow).
Club members will be taking the bulb wagons door-to-door starting in mid-October. Residents can choose which species they’d like (or we can choose) and we plant them on the spot, in the front yard where they are visible from the sidewalk. Here’s a pdf with more information on the program.

Click to download or print a pdf of the following species photos and descriptions.

Tulipa pulchella "Persian Pearl"

Tulipa pulchella “Persian Pearl”

Tulip batalinii Bright Gem

Tulip batalinii Bright Gem

Allium "miami"  tall, early summer.

Allium “miami” tall, early summer.

Narcissus - Botanical Mix

Narcissus – Botanical Mix

Crocus chrysantha "Blue Pearl"

Crocus chrysantha “Blue Pearl”

Species Iris "Purple Gem"

Species Iris “Purple Gem”

Eranthis (Winter Aconite)

Eranthis (Winter Aconite)

Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow) "Blue Giant"

Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow) “Blue Giant”

We are offering only species tulips because they naturalize and won’t fizzle out after a few years like the big hybrids. The small, single flowers are attractive to pollinators. They are very robust and will hold up well in wind and rain. Height is less than 15 cm/ 6”. Yes, they’re attractive to squirrels but easier to “disguise” since there is less disturbed soil. We use Acti-Sol (hen manure top dressing) to deter the critters.
Tulipa pulchella “Persian Pearl” Rich purple with deep green sepals and a yellow center.
Tulipa batalinii “Bright Gem”

Subtle apricot colouring. Flowers open fully in full sun.

Ornamental onions are very attractive to pollinators. They can be interplanted with the tulips to deter squirrels. They require full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Cut the foliage down when it dies back and turns brown.
Allium “Miami” is a new introduction, thought to be a cross between A. atropurpureum and A. schubertii. A tall-ish variety, it has half-round, dark purple umbels. You won’t find this at the garden centers. 90cm / 36”. Early summer.

Narcissus Botanical Mix
A mix of yellow and white species. Heights will vary. Squirrels generally leave these alone.

Crocus chrysanthus “Blue Pearl”
Super early bloom. Will naturalize. Plant these in your lawn for a lovely spring surprise. They will bloom before the trees leaf out so they’re okay near deciduous trees.

Iris reticulata “Purple Gem”
A cute rock-garden type iris– short and very early. Half shade is okay. Not bothered by squirrels. Will form a slowly expanding clump.

Eranthis cilicica (Winter Aconite)
Will bloom under trees and in the lawn. Spreads by seeds.
Buttercup-like blooms for the earliest of bees.

Chionodoxa “Blue Giant”
(Glory of the Snow) Despite the name these will grow to a maximum of only 8”. Very early– blooms with the snowdrops. Will spread gently over the years. Not attractive to squirrels. Not affected by Black Walnut trees.