100in1 Day:
Saturday June 2,  all morning
The Crown Point Garden Club is participating in an event at the Kenilworth DePave Garden, at the corner of Britannia and Kenilworth. We will be adding soil to the garden and continuing to plant.

National Garden Days (opens in new tab):
Tuesday June 19
6:30 pm
The Crown Point Garden Club is holding a walking tour of the four gardens it maintains. Meet at the Pipeline Pollinator Garden, on Edgemont between Main and Dunsmure (on the Pipeline Trail). All are welcome. Link to blog post on this site for details

Saturday July 21, Road trip to Kayanase garden centre in Oshweken.

Saturday August 11 (tentative date) Road trip to Weir’s Lane Lavender Farm and Apiary. https://www.weirslanelavender.ca/