Crown Point Garden Club Meeting Minutes,  Oct. 28 2015, ARCH room, 7:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions

Attendance:  Ben Babcock, Kathleen Livingston, Elizabeth Seidl, Anne Vallentin, Bev Wagar, Sue Nagy, Fran Frazier, Tamera Messersmith, Jen Baker (guest)

Pollinator Garden Funds

Jen Baker of the Hamilton Naturalists Club reported on the Pollinator Paradise Gardens that were planted in Hamilton this summer. Community Gardens and Victory Gardens have been giving up bed space for the project. The project will continue next summer, with the overall aim of creating connections– pollinator corridors– in the city.

There is money left over from our project in Crown Point (Pipeline Trail Pollinator Garden) . It was decided to spend part of this on a Bee Box Building workshop  to be held on Wed. Jan. 27, at the Perkins Centre, from 7 to 9 pm, instead of our regular monthly meeting.  Jen will take care of the rental and material costs will be covered. The event will be free for participants but pre-registration will be required.

Bev brought up the idea of using the funds to start an “Alternative Trillium Award” program, to recognize and reward homeowners who create bio-diverse, nature-friendly gardens, in front or back yards, without a rigid aesthetic. Jen will look into possibilities– perhaps other communities have done something similar.

We discussed doing another pollinator garden. Fran and Sue mentioned a boulevard area on Park Row near the market. They will do some “scouting” and report back.

Pipeline Trail Update

Elizabeth reported.  The Master Plan is complete. We are all invited to attend the  next meeting on Monday Nov. 9 at the ARCH, to discus the future of the Trail Team and the role it could play in the implementation  of the Master Plan.  Our “Garden of Useful Delights” proposal was very favourably received by City planners. We look forward to working on this project next summer.

Best Flowers Forward

Bev reported on the project activities so far. Thanks go to Kathleen who fronted the money for the bulbs.  Amy and Bev picked up 1400 bulbs (8 species) at wholesalers in Mississauga.  Initial offer went out by Facebook with about 16 responses within two days. “Walkabout” plantings will be arranged, in area west of Ottawa and North of Barton. Kenilworth planting will be scheduled.  Kat B. wants to plant the CPCC gardens on Ottawa– Kathleen will arrange.  Bulb packages and fertilizer were given out and recipients assigned.  Bev gave a brief “how to” on bulb planting.     Bev will arrange for purchase of Greensand and CalPhos to replace her personal supply, which is almost gone.

Fundraising / Finances

Tamera was reimbursed $25 for expenses (Parade Float).  We decided to give the remainder of the “kitty” (plant sale 2015 income) to Sean Hurley, to help defray the van rental cost of the Norfolk Fair Road Trip.  Fran suggested that we take a collection at each meeting so we have a steady, if small, income outside of the plant sale.  General support for this idea.

The following ideas for fundraising were discussed:
– sell something at a Seedy Saturday table (pre-planted wintersowing containers? Bags of Acti-Sol? Bags of alfalfa? Bagsd a of diatomaceous earth?
– hold a community compost day in May, perhaps in the Market parking lot, especially if the City does not have a lower-city depot for it’s spring compost giveaway. Volunteers co 27 uld fill bags and load cars, in return for a donation to the Garden Club. We would need to work with the City to arrange for compost delivery, and cleanup / distribution of leftover compost are important considerations
– plant sale (a larger, not residential venue in 2016…)
– have a donation box at the January 27 Bee-box event (Jen okay with this)

Door Prizes
Canna tubers and a book, donated by Bev.  Other members are invited to bring door prizes for the December meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9 pm.  Next meeting (fourth Wednesday, as usual) is Wednesday November 25, at the ARCH.  There will be no December meeting.

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