In addition to the many great perennials, annuals, veggies, herbs (and even a few shrubs and trees) there will be some nice extras for sale on Saturday. Pricing is tbd, probably about $3 per bag.
Alfalfa pellets are a nice mild and organic general fertilizer. Use a handful per plant, scatter at the base of the plant near the drip line, and scratch into the soil lightly with a trowel or rake. Water (or continue doing a rain dance). Alfalfa has an N-P-K of about 2-2-2. The effect is gradual– the pellets need time to break down and become available to plant roots through the activity of soil micro-organisms.
This is the way Nature “feeds” plants, so don’t expect instant results. Read more about the fertilizer value of alfalfa:

Granulated manure A little higher in nitrogen (about 4-1-1) this is good for tomatoes and other heavy feeders.