The turnout wass small but the energy is high and we ARE accomplishing a lot. And having fun. And post-meeting martinis at the Black Sheep…
– – – – – – –
Crown Point Garden Club Meeting Wed. July 22, ARCH, 7:30 pm
Attending: Tamara, Bev, Elizabeth, Susan and Kathleen

Welcome and Intro
Welcome to Kathleen Livingston, new member and gardening enthusiast.

Bev was reimbursed for the $56 paid to Copydogs for the promo bookmark reprint. Also, Elizabeth and Kathleen were paid $20 each to cover gas expense for the road trip to Lost Horizons. The cash supply is income from the spring plant sale.

Pipeline Garden Update
It was decided to let the damaged oak sapling grow on over the winter to see if it puts up a strong lateral branch that could become a new leader.
The roses have recovered. Coreopsis and Pearly everlastings are flowering. Weeds are not overwhelming. The City workers continue to mow the paths, which is a great help. There are some “gaps” that are being filled by volunteers’ offerings.
Hamilton Naturalists Club is continuing its excellent support of the project. Jen and three summer students are weeding and mulching on Thursday July 23.

Book Lending Circle
Bev has a spreadsheet ready for people to list their book offerings and contact info. Book owners will always be able to see who has their books and people wanting to borrow will know where to pick them up. Owners may specify a fixed time period or may let a book stay with a borrower until it is requested by another borrower. For the next few weeks we will focus on adding our books. Then we can start sharing. To access the spreadsheet (shared doc on Google drive) email Bev at bevwagar(at)theviennacafe (dot) com

Triangle Garden Rehab
We’ll be fixing up the triangle garden on the Pipeline Trail at the Edgemont intersection on Friday July 31 at 7:30 pm. Bring compost, woodchips, and bulletproof plants from your own garden. This little garden will not receive supplementary water (except at planting time) so the plant choice is important.

Bookmark and Promotion
The reprinted promotional bookmark was distributed. We decided to do some Gardening Evangelism with a bike ride through Crown Point. Meet at Bev’s place (Kensington at Roxborough) at 10 am onĀ Monday August 3 (yes, it’s the holiday Monday) observing gardens, putting bookmarks in mailboxes and, we hope, meeting new gardeners.

Trail Cleanup prior to Pipeline Parade
Meet on Wednesday Sept. 23, 6:00 pm behind the Dairy Queen. Dress for mess. Bags and gloves will be provided.

Float in Pipeline Parade
We decided to enter a Crown Point Garden Club float in the Pipeline Parade on Saturday September 26, 2015. Susan will obtain a garden cart, Tamara will lead us in making paper flowers and large bees and butterflies that can be suspended above the flower-decorated cart. Float assembly party will be the evening prior– Friday Sept. 25, at the Pipeline Garden. We will ask Nadine if we can store our “float” in her yard overnight.

Dunnville Farm Road Trip
Anne is still on vacation so we deferred this to the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm. Good times continued at the Black Sheep snack bar afterwards…