Setup your account (register)

You do not need an account to view items available for swap, but you do need an account to request items or list items. Be sure to read through the info page before registering.

You will need to create a WordPress login. This login is specific to this site; if you have a WordPress login for a different site (your own, perhaps), this login will be different. All users are approved by the site administrators.

You should bookmark the login page and document your password. The system asks for your name, email address and phone number. The garden club will not share your information with anyone.

Once you’ve registered, you will be able to list the plants or other items you have to swap.

View listings

Screengrab of the Listings page

Listings can be viewed in a list or grid format.

List is just that, a list of available items running down the page.

Grid shows the items both across the page and down. We don’t recommend this view, as not all the text fits properly.


Screengrab of the sort options

You can sort the listings in several ways. “Recently added” is a good one to use if you’re checking in frequently.

By category or location

Screengrab showing category “Perennial” and location “Crown Point”

Each listing includes a category and location. You can filter by those terms simply by clicking on them in a listing. You can also click on the listing person’s name to see other items they have available.


Clicking on the listing title takes you to the detailed listing.

Screengrab of the listing for Wild Red Columbine

Additional options are available now: Check all listings by this user, and Add to favourites. You must be a registered user to add to favourites. You can view your favourites through the User Dashboard.

Search listings

You do not need to register to view the listings. These means they’re public, so keep that in mind if you’re posting items – provide only as much personal or identifying information as you’re comfortable with.

Screengrab of the Search Listings page menu

You can search listings by keyword, location, or category.

Arrange a swap

If you’re interested in an item, you must register in order to send a message to the owner through the site. Your name and email address will auto-populate. Giving your phone number is optional. The listing person will respond to your message and together you will arrange for pick-up / drop-off.

Remember, although some items may be a straight swap (I’ll give you this in exchange for that), the listing person should not be charging you for the item. If you would like, you can use the Contact Us section of this site and the Club’s Treasurer will be in touch.

Your listings

You will need to register to create a listing. Please remember to delete your listing once the item has been spoken for.

Screengrab showing the Plant Swap & Share dropdown menu options

Go to your user dashboard. Here you will have several options.

Screengrab of Christina Babcock’s user dashboard
Yours will show your name and photograph (if one has been uploaded)

Add new listing

Your listing must include a category and a title. Use both the common name as well as the botanical Latin name. We can help with that; send an email to or join us on Facebook.

Screengrab showing the Listing Form

Describe the item, including its requirements (sun, shade), current size, and final height. If you expect something in return, please say so in the description.

Screengrab showing the Listing details form – fields for Title and Description

You do not need to provide your specific contact details. Select a location from the neighbourhoods listing in the dropdown menu. If you want to be more specific, you can include the nearest major intersection in the address field. Remember, though, that you must be in Hamilton (and that this information is public). Most of our members are in the Crown Point neighbourhood, although there are a few outliers. If you’re willing to deliver, please say so in the description.

Screengrab showing the Contact details fields

Don’t forget to include a photograph! Or two!

Screengrab showing the Upload Image button

Once you click on “Place Listing”, the listing is live. You will receive an email letting you know it’s been posted. If you aren’t ready to go live, you can save your listing and go back to it later.

Screengrab showing the Complete listing options – Save Draft or Place Listing

Manage listings

From here you can edit your listings, add a new listing, and delete listings.

Screengrab of a sample Manage Listings page showing a Test listing

Be sure to delete your listing once someone has claimed the item.


If you have any questions, or need help with anything, send an email to and we’ll do our best to help you.