The Crown Point Garden Club will be at Hamilton Seedy Saturday on February 4, 2023, with a vendor table and garden-related goodies for sale. We’ll have bags of plug and germination mix, one of our popular items from pre-Covid Seedy Saturday events.

This peat and perlite based soil-less mix is an extra fine, greenhouse-grower quality Pro-mix especially made for seed germination. We are selling it in 1.5 lb (dry weight) bags for $3.00 per bag or two bags for $5.00.

Each bag is enough for four (possibly five) pop-bottle type wintersowing containers.

If you’ve tried germinating tiny seeds and had disappointing results, this seeding mix may be the answer.

photo of bag of germination & plug mix for seed germination.
Germination and plug mix for sale. $3.00 per 1.5 lb (dry weight) bag or two for $5.00. All Proceeds go to the Crown Point Garden Club. Payment by Interac e-transfer. Contact if you’re interested. Delivery can be arranged.

Containers available
For people who enjoy winter sowing native plants, the consistency and quality of this mix is perfect for the dust-like seeds of many native species.

If you’d like to try winter sowing, we are offering containers for $1 each. They’re clean and pre-cut to size, with venting and drainage holes already made– ready for you to fill, sow, and label.

'nesting'winter sowing containers made from coke bottles.
‘Nesting’ containers for winter sowing. Made from 2-litre pop bottles. Vent and drainage holes already cut.

If you’re unable to attend Seedy Saturday and you’d like to purchase mix or containers, please email

annotated photo of completed pop-bottle type winter sowing container.
Completed ‘nesting coke bottle’ container for winter sowing.
Wintersowing success!

For detailed information on wintersowing (links open in new tab:

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