Want to learn how to winter sow? Check out these online resources:
Video on YouTube

In partnership with Hamilton’s Pollinator Paradise Project we’ve scheduled the 2017 winter sowing workshop. It’s a hands-on, open-to-the-public event on Wednesday Feb. 8 at 7:00 p.m. at Evergreen’s Collaboration Station at 294 James St. North, just south of Barton on the east side of James. Parking is on the street. The Evergreen space is just right– big, with lots of big tables to work on. The event is free but pre-registration is required, through EventBrite. Please register EARLY– the space is big but it is possible that we’ll need to cut off registrations if there’s a huge response.

Here’s the registration link:eventbrite link

Winter sowing

Winter sowing

You need bring your own seeds and supplies. Suggested supplies include:

  • clean containers (clear plastic litre-sized pop bottles, translucent gallon-sized milk jugs, mushroom tubs with a clear plastic bag)
  • potting/seeding mix (available for sale at the event for $5 per bag, free for Crown Point Garden Club volunteers)
  • a bucket, bin, or large bowl
  • a water bottle
  • scissors or a sharp knife
  • a permanent felt marker and/or plant markers (for labelling your containers with the species)
  • seeds! If your seed is not in retail packets you’ll need to research (in advance) sowing details (seeding depth and any special requirements such as soaking or nicking)
  • a means to carry home your filled tubs/containers. Remember, they’ll be heavy

If you’re new to winter sowing, please check out www.wintersown.org for information. Or watch this video: https://youtu.be/SO_KKbGYTEM

Remember to dress for mess. Bring seeds for swapping/sharing if you have extras.

Although the event is free we’ll be requesting donations to the Pollinators Paradise Project (PPP), our organizing partner on this workshop. PPP is behind so much of the work being doing in Hamilton for pollinator awareness and habitat creation.