We are a group of gardening enthusiasts who wreak beauty on neighbourhoods in East Hamilton (Ontario Canada) but mostly in Crown Point, which is roughly bounded by Gage, Kenilworth, Lake Ontario, and the mountain.

Our main raison d’etre is to garden on the Pipeline Trail. These pollinator-friendly gardens will be built in the spring of 2015, through a grant to the from the Hamilton Naturalists Club and Environment Hamilton. We are the  Adopt-a-Park group for the Trail, which means the City allows (even encourages) us to maintain the park and its future gardens.

We were founded in 2014 and we’re not affiliated with the OHA or the Garden Club of Hamilton. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an enthusiast, old or young, cottage-y or formal, we’d love to welcome you to the group. We get together to weed the Pollinator Garden on the Pipeline Trail, do good things in the community, and have fun. Please give us your email and we’ll make sure you find out about all upcoming events and opportunities.

If you’re a gardener who lives in Hamilton, please join our Facebook group: “Crown Point Garden Club Hamilton “.
To join our email list, send a note to crownpointgardens@gmail.com

Our Mission
– to improve the beauty and public image of Crown Point by making and/or maintaining public gardens
– to help members learn and improve their gardening skill and enjoyment
– to increase the biodiversity of residential properties
– to meet new friends and neighbours and have fun

Our Activities
– be the “Adopt-a-Park” group for the Crown Point section of the Pipeline Trail. Being on City property, these pollinator-friendly gardens will need maintenance (yes, weeding!) by a group vetted by city staff. The City’s Adopt-a-Park program provides support, materials, and training for this work.
– hold plant swaps / sales
– carpool or vanpool to out-of-town nurseries (“shop hop”)
– help members who may be having difficulty (due to age or illness) maintaining their established gardens
– (your idea goes here!)