Again this year the club is selling germination mix as a fundraiser. This is a great opportunity to get a high-quality specialty seed-starting mix in a smaller quantity. Why buy a big bag of low-quality product when you can get the good stuff from us, in an amount you’ll actually use.

As well, you’ll be supporting the work of the Crown Point Garden Club. In the past, our major fundraiser “Garden Day” included plant sales and compost/mulch giveaways. Municipal rules around citizens’ access to these materials have changed which, along with the risk of invasive jumping worm contamination, have limited our fundraising options. Sales of germination mix help us pay for speakers, a meeting room, web site, and the expense of maintaining our six local gardens.

Cost per bag: $5 for 1.5 lbs (minimum). Includes seed-starting how-to information sheet.

The Mix

This year we are offering Pro-Mix FPO. While the texture is similar to last year’s mix, the FPO includes the added benefits of coconut coir and organic certification. Ingredients:
– sphagnum peat moss finely screened (60-70%)
– coir, horticultural grade
– perlite
– limestone (for appropriate pH)
– wetting agent

photo of ProMix FPO bag label

For additional details and specifications visit (opens new tab)

closeup of FPO germination mix

If you’ve had trouble with seed starting in the past, especially with very small seeds, the problem might be your mix. Many retail mixes contain lumps of organic matter, dust, and chunky perlite. This mix has a light, uniform texture. For some home gardeners, organic certification is important. To learn more about this product’s organic certification, visit “certifications” at

How to buy

Visit the Crown Point Garden Club table at the Hamilton Seedy Saturday (opens new tab). We appreciate payment in cash ($5/bag).

If you can’t get to Seedy Saturday, contact us about sales / pickup in Crown Point.

There will be mix available for sale at the club’s January and February meetings.