The two winners of the Heart Award along with MP Matthew Green and instructors from  Mohawk College. They are standing in the shade of large trees on the lawns at Gage Park.
Lisa Bucci (left) and Lyanda Pugliese (second from right) receive their Heart Awards at Gage Park.

Fortunately the weather cooperated (although a breeze would have been nice!) and we were able to present the 2021 Heart Awards at Gage Park on Monday, August 30. Lyanda Pugliese and Lisa Bucci each received a certificate and a Lee Valley gift card. In addition to family members, two representatives from Mohawk College and Hamilton Center’s Member of Parliament joined us.

These awards are presented to one student in each cohort of the Foundations of Horticulture program through Mohawk College’s City School.

Congratulations to both recipients!